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Cyclic GMP Synthesis: Guanylyl/Guanylate Cyclases

Soluble and Particulate Guanylyl Cyclase

Fig. 1. Guanylyl(Guanylate) Cyclases. The two types of guanylyl cyclases are represented in the figure: soluble guanylyl cyclase (to the left) and particulate guanylyl cyclase (to the right).

Two types of guanylyl cyclases (also known as guanylate cyclases or guanyl cyclases) are classically distinguished in function of their main subcellular location: soluble guanylyl cyclases (located mainly in the cytosol) and membrane or particulate guanylyl cyclases (integral proteins of the cell membrane). Other important difference between these enzymes is that soluble enzymes are activated by nitric oxide (NO), and particulate guanylyl cyclases by specific peptides (when the endogenous activator is known). Recent papers suggest that a significant proportion of 'soluble' guanylyl cyclases are associated to the cell membrane, then the term 'soluble' might become inappropriate. In fact, some authors use now the term 'nitric oxide sensitive' to denominate this type of enzymes.

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