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Created by Dr. Luis Agulló (last update on 28-12-2007)


Living organisms have to adapt themselves to continuous changes of the environment. The systems that allow the cells to respond to a new situation are named signal transduction pathways. Cells in the pluricellular organisms do not respond only to exterior inputs, but to substances produced by other cells of the same organism. This allows the organism to respond as an unified system to any possible situation.

The study of these mechanisms that regulate cell function is not only a subject for scientific curiosity. Many drugs with therapeutic interest have been developed after analyzing these complex pathways.

One of these systems is the cyclic GMP signaling system. Nitric oxide (NO) and other key substances also participate in this signaling pathway.

The aim of this site is to introduce this transduction pathway to non-experts and to inform about the main news or advances in the field.

Of course, any suggestion that could improve the quality of this site or to correct undesirable errors would be appreciated.

Luis Agulló

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